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In the heart of society, teachers are the radiant souls, illuminating the path toward a brighter future with their boundless dedication and nurturing spirit. Their impact transcends classrooms, shaping the essence of our communities and fostering growth. With empathy as their compass, they guide each student's unique journey, imparting not just knowledge, but also essential life lessons and values. As mentors and friends, they walk hand-in-hand, sparking curiosity and instilling purpose, weaving together the dreams and aspirations of generations to craft a world filled with compassion and possibility.

Expert Faculty, Innovative Teaching: Building Connections for Effective Learning

Dedication to Excellence: At MNGO, our teachers are more than just educators; they are dedicated mentors committed to nurturing the minds of tomorrow. With a passion for learning and a drive for excellence, they create an environment where students thrive academically and personally.

Personalized Guidance: Each teacher at MNGO understands every student's unique needs and talents. They empower learners to reach their full potential through personalized attention and tailored instruction. Whether through one-on-one mentoring or innovative teaching methods, our educators ensure that no student is left behind.

Inspiring Futures: Beyond the classroom, our teachers serve as role models, instilling values of integrity, curiosity, and resilience in their students. By fostering a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge, they equip young minds with the skills and confidence to succeed in an ever-changing world. At MNGO, our teachers are not just shaping futures; they are inspiring them.

Our Faculty & Staff

Ms. Christina Lee


Ms. Lady Linn M. Cardenas

Vice Pres./School Director

Mr. Dave T. Garcia

Head Master

Ms. Lyanne Lee M. Mallen

Corporate Secretary

Mr. Paul G. Cardernas

Accounting Officer

Ms. Kate Kwon

Korean Marketing Officer

Mr. Harry Cho

Korean Marketing Officer

Ms. Jessica Ignacio

ESL Teacher

Ms. Amabelle Manalili

ESL Teacher

Ms. Mia Rivera

ESL Teacher

Ms. Shara Lean Passion

ESL Teacher

Mr. Gezer Evangelista

ESL Teacher

Mr. Dave Jade Mallen

ESL Teacher

Mr. Leanjo Fernando

ESL Teacher

Mr. Michael Belmis

ESL Teacher

Mr. Ren Palma

ESL Teacher

Mr. Bryan Dale Bernardo

ESL Teacher

Mr. Alexander Valdez

ESL Teacher

I remember performing on the last day, and thanks to the camp, my English skills improved a lot and my personality changed to become more extroverted, which was great.

Lee Eunseol (Luna)

Camp Student

I liked the 1:1 class at MNGO camp because the teacher could focus on me, and I was able to concentrate better. I also loved playing outside on weekends while I was at the camp.

Jang Eunyoung (Rina)

Camp Student

First of all, I went to the camp to learn English, but it was nice to not only learn English, but also to live with other friends and learn how to be considerate of each other.

Jung Jiwon (Ricky)

Camp Students

There were many good things that happened to me when I went to the Philippines for a camp.
After going there, I really gained a lot and felt many changes, especially with my social skills. There was a cafe in front which was really nice. My co-campers were so nice, and it was a really good camp that made me think about going this summer vacation.

Lee Jaewon (J)

Camp Student

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